Salsa Classes

A progressive system that covers basic skills and the various combos. Starts with basics and ends with mastery level.

  • Schedule:
    • Thursday 7:30pm-8:30pm
    • Saturday 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • Prices:
    • Drop In Rate: $15 per class
    • Salsa Package (Includes 4 classes per month): $50/month
    • Ultimate Package (Includes unlimited salsa and bachata classes; 12 classes per month): $99/month

Bachata Classes

Learn a variety of different Bachata Styles. This class is designed to give students the necessary skills to dance socially.

  • Schedule: Saturday 4:00pm-5:00pm
  • Prices:
    • Drop In Rate: $15 per class
    • Bachata Package (Includes 4 classes per month): $50/month

Private Lessons

Unlike a group class, in a private lesson you get the undivided attention of your instructor. These lessons offer the privacy that some prefer and are typically more productive as it exclusively focuses on your needs. We can specialize the lesson from a beginner taking your first steps, to an advanced dancer looking to take your skill to the next level. Aside from the above, other advantages include:

  • Time flexibility: Lessons can be scheduled around your availability
  • Subject flexibility: You select the dance and details you want to work on
  • Focused skill improvement such as:
    • Leading / Following
    • Footwork
    • Timing and musical understanding
    • Turning and spinning
    • Body movement
    • Isolation techniques
    • Hip and shoulder movement
    • Styling
  • Prices:
    • Drop In Rate: $75 per lesson
    • General Package (4 lessons per month): $260/month
    • Ultimate Package (Includes 4 lessons per month AND unlimited salsa and bachata group classes – 12 classes per month): $300/month


You can register online by CLICKING HERE; Or, you can register and pay for your lessons at our studio.